About is an innovative Search engine for movies based on feelings. The user is able to find a matching movie out of thousand movies for each emotional state, mood and occasion. Our aim is to shape the personal movie enjoyment individual and more comfortable.

It all started in August 2014 with the simple idea to redefine the selection of a movie to be fast and easy. Who doesn't experienced the situation before, feeling the urge to watch a movie, but couldn't decide which to view, due to the sheer endless options.

How do you feel? What do you like? What is your occasion?

Our team of experts has developed an intelligent algorithm based on new technologies and a database with more than 900.000 movies, that provides the perfect movie recommendation by using only three questions. also provides the possiblity of using additional features to narrow down movie criterias, such as movie runtime, country or year of production

Wasting time on searching has become a thing of the past

“Everything begins with choice.” - Morpheus, Matrix Reloaded

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